About Cindur’s Hosting Services

Cindur offers industry leading hosting that is heads & tails above the typical mass market hosting service.

Webs sites we host are on a farm of web servers that automatically scale up and down as required by the traffic the system is receiving. Similarly the database servers used by our hosted sites exist in pairs that automatically fail over in the event of an outage.

In addition we make use of extensive in-memory caching in the development & hosting of our web sites to reduce disk access times. And we also serve static assets from a world wide CDN to reduce latency & web site load times.

Bottom line our hosting is secure, fast and extremely reliable.

Please note that we are not a mass market or self serve host. We provide outstanding, fast and secure hosting for our programming and consulting clients only.

For security reasons we do not allow third parties access to our servers. Sites all over the web are hacked every day and it’s usually because of incompetent programming or software like WordPress not being kept up to date.

So to protect our servers and other clients the only people with access to our servers are us. This means if you want someone else to work on your system you need to host elsewhere.

For all sites hosted on our servers certain work is done automatically (and is billable). This includes updates to software such as WordPress and bi-yearly security reviews of code.

The above policies are a major reason for our outstanding uptime and security record.